The Annual Career Guidance and Info Sharing Session for Grade 9

The Annual Sekhukhune Career Expo (in partnership with AMSCED)

The career expo is an information sharing platform where learners who seek career information and job opportunities meet with career councillors. The expo further encourages private and public companies and other organizations across the country to develop and offer career guidance and financial assistance/bursaries to learners in rural and disadvantaged areas. It is envisaged that through the expo, learners will make clear and well informed career choices. A better country is a well resourced country in terms of human capital and materials
The Annual Career Expo is proudly sponsored by Royal Bafokeng Holdings (Pty) Limited (RBH).

2010 Career Expo

The main objective of this programme is to equip and advice the Grade 9 leaners about subject choice in preparation for Grade 10. It has been reported that majority of the Grade 9 learners are less informed about selection of subjects. These learners are faced with a choice of subjects at grade 10 without clarity about the types of career paths that can be followed under each subject stream. Often when they reach Grade 12, it is when they realise that their career choices are limited by the subject choices they made when they were in Grade 10. Given the huge impact subject choice have on their route to higher education and employment, it is vital that learners are able to make informed subject choices so that they start working towards their careers from the outset in Grade 10. This initiative is in its 3rd year in 2013 and intends to build career guidance capacity and specialisation within schools over time, tapping into representatives from various organisations to address educators & learners on this subject matter

This career expo which this year ran over two days was organized by the Academy for Mathematics, Science and Commercial Education in partnership with PEARL Edu Vision.

For a full report on the 2010 Sekhukhune Career Expo, please download the report

2011 Career Expo

The event took place on the 11-12 May 2011 at the Peter Nchabeleng Sports Grounds, within Makhuduthamaga Municipality under the ambit of the Department of Education’s Schoornoord Circuit. This expo was hosted for two days and was organized by the Academy for Mathematics, Science and Commercial (AMSCED) partnership with Pearl Edu Vision. It is our belief that through education we can eradicate poverty, illiteracy and other social ills associated with the Sekhukhune District. We are encouraged by the saying that “it is through education that the daughter of a mine worker can become the Mine owner and the child of an orphan can become the president of the country.”

For a full report on the 2011 Sekhukhune Career Expo, please download the report