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Dinao Lerutla - Founder and Executive Director


PEARL Edu Vision’s objective is to design and implement initiatives and programmes that focus on educational development in rural communities with the aim of improving the quality of education in those communities by supporting and assisting rural schools to become centres of excellence.

The organisation was established with the intent to realise the organisation’s vision through education development by acting as a conduit through which development interventions can reach rural schools in South Africa.

PEARL’s vision is to develop People by providing Exposure to build positive Attitudes, become Relevant and take Leadership to develop and grow the country.

The organisation seeks to contribute to the improvement of rural schools to turn into high-performance learning environments through the transformation of the school culture. By providing programmes that grant exposure, promote self-development, increase access to opportunities and promote dynamism in teachers, the organisation hopes to contribute to the development of skills and knowledge that is critical for the advancement of South Africa’s economy.

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